Z-AC Works in the Real World


The next generation Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ has been tested and proven to outperform every other sill on the market, even in imperfect conditions, significantly reducing the likelihood of door unit failure and costly service calls. Stop settling for subpar sill performance. Cut your costs and count your savings with Z-AC now.


Who has Time to Adjust?

No adjustment needed. Ever. Z-AC’s unique articulating cap, with a living hinge and redundant spring assemblies, compensates independently, up or down, +/- 1/8” along the width of the opening to overcome variations in vertical margins between the door and the sill.


No Corner Pad? No Problem

The Z-AC Z-End Base™ provides basic protection from water infiltration by: (a) blocking the path of water beneath the weatherstrip; and (b) providing sealing of up to ½” above the cap. Endura recommends the use of the Simple Solution® Corner Pad, but you can rest assured that a door unit with Z-AC will retain a basic seal without them.


Trouble in the Strike Zone?

“Perfect” strike margins of 1/8” rarely exist on installed door units. The Z-AC Z-End Base™ (gasket stiffener) forms a high-performance seal on strike margins of up to 5/32” and continues to work even when margins reach 3/16” (when corner pad applied).


Outperforms All Other Sills

Don’t just take our word for it. Z-AC has been extensively tested and proven to outperform every other sill on the market. Even in real-world conditions where margins are wide and corner pads are missing, Z-AC delivers higher performance in protecting against air and water infiltration.